Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here is What's Cooking

Those of you who know me at this point in my life, know I love to cook. Since moving to Los Angeles almost two years ago, cooking has become a way for me to stay healthy, save money, and be creative. I love to try new recipes and share the ones that work well. This blog will serve as a way for me to share recipes and the stories and experiences that go with them. I will try to include a picture of every dish because:

1. It will prove that I actually made it.
2. I will rarely try a new recipe myself without seeing a picture first.
3. I like having a reason to make dishes look pretty.

The standard for recipes I post here will be if it is something I would like to make again. I would love for any or all of you to try any or all of these dishes. Feel free to comment, let me know what you think and make any suggestions for tweaking.

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Sue said...

This blog is the best idea ever.

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