Sunday, March 7, 2010

Babies, Birthdays and Pretty Things

She's having a baby. Another baby.

My sister-in-law is having a third child in the fall. I will be an aunt for the third time. There is nothing more exciting than news such as this. A little person is going to enter the world into the best family he/she could possibly wish to be a part of. My brother and sister-in-law are amazing parents to two beautiful girls, and this child-on-the-way has got it made.

It is the mother-to-be's (again) birthday Wednesday, March 9th, and I wanted to make her something special. Ever since I was treated to a $38 apron (from a Christmas gift card to Anthropology), cooking has taken on a new, exciting form. It is fun to cook and bake in pretty things. Everyone should have the chance to do so, especially a mother of three! I decided to make a completely impractical apron for Katie for her birthday this year (it ties together in the back with a bulk of black tulle). Although I know she has about two or three aprons already, I cannot help thinking it is fun to mix it up sometimes.

I sew like I cook. I don't know what I am doing, but I use everything within my means to create the end result for which I am searching, a sort of make-it-happen attitude is involved. I hand-stitched this apron based on a pattern from one I already had along with some basic stitching skills I learned in a theatre costume class in college. I am sending it her way to Florida (surely a couple days late for the Wednesday birthday date). Happy Birthday, Katie! You are a best friend and an incredible mother to my nieces. I hope I can do half as good a job with your nieces someday.




The Boston Lady said...

How fantastic! Not just this wonderful news, but this wonderful creation! I didn't see anything that lovely at the Oscars last night and I think you have missed your calling... or another one, at least. I am very happy for the parents, the siblings and the lucky aunt.

Alan said...

Congrats Aunt Sammy! It looks like your Christmas list just grew by one.

Sue said...

That apron is amazing!

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