Friday, August 20, 2010

Catch Me on the TV Box Tomorrow

The time has come!

This Saturday is the day to catch me in my room makeover episode of "Character Fantasy." The show airs during the commercial breaks of a movie, Bring It On Again at 10:00AM PDT on the USA Network. See you tomorrow!

Oh, also the time has come for the peach tree to stop producing so much fruit. That means peaches for everyone I see for the next few days! Can't let them go to waste :]

Come and gett'em!


The Boston Lady said...

I have that there show programmed into my DVR. It's on at 10am here too! Will be happy to see it while eating lunch after I kick some boxes! Apron delivery also occurs tomorrow!

Sue said...

Character Fantasy was AWESOME!

Katie said...

Nothing like seeing your favorite sister in law on a 50 inch plasma to get excited for her! Also, I wish I could have some of your peaches! I am sick of gambling and buying from Publix only to find them mealy or never ripen!

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