Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Copycat: Salami, Turkey, Goat Cheese Sandwich

Have you ever had someone copy everything you say?

Under certain circumstances, it can be quite annoying. However, when it is from the lips of adorable children, still learning the way language works and the true meaning of phrases like "excuse me", it is unbelievably precious. I spent an amazing day playing with my nieces, Olivia (4 yrs), Charlotte (1.5 years) and Rachel (2 weeks old).

Rachel Marie at 2 weeks

Like any good big sisters, Charlotte and Olivia would hover over Rachel, stroking her and talking sweetly to her the way they have observed their parents doing so. Charlotte kept calling her "Bachel" and getting nose to nose with her while Olivia kept cradling her saying "You're okay, you're okay", to Rachel whenever she would start to cry. It was explained to me by my sister-in-law that Olivia was mimicking my brother's response to Rachel's crying in saying "You're okay, you're okay." I am pretty sure I heard Charlotte telling "Bachel" she was okay as well a couple times throughout the weekend as well.

Another great Charlotte shot just for kicks:

It really hit me how spongy those young minds are when Olivia and I sat down to play "hair salon". I did her hair first. I gave her little french braid pigtails. The whole time I was doing her hair, I kept saying, "You're gonna love it. It will be so awesome", in an attempt to get her to sit still in anticipation of the big reveal of how truly awesome the final product would be. When it was Olivia's turn to do my hair, she kept saying, "You're going to love it. It will be so awesome" in the same tone as her wacky Aunt Lindsey.

And love it, I did!

I too, am guilty of playing copycat when it comes to food. Zach and I have a favorite sandwich shop in LA called the Larchmont Village Wine Spirits and Cheese Shop. The sandwich is just perfect and cannot possibly be improved upon so I just decided to copy it. I did end up tweaking the ingredients because Zach and I bought some bomb goat cheese and olive bread in Temecula last weekend. I think the most important thing about the sandwich is the quality of the ingredients. Everything is so tasty. Just do it, okay?

Copycat Larchmont Village Wine Spirits and Cheese Shop Sandwiches

(makes 2-3 sandwiches)

1 loaf of a crusty french bread (or any artisan bread - I used olive bread)
1/4 lb hard salami (I used part salami part turkey to lower the calorie count)
4 slices of manchego cheese (we used out Temecula Cheese Shop goat cheese)
1 tomato
a few handfuls of spring mixed greens
balsamic vinegar
extra virgin olive oil

You know what to do. Put it all together. The oil and balsamic vinegar go on the inside of the bread.

We enjoyed these sandwiches with some hearty vegetable soup.

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