Monday, February 21, 2011

If You Like It...

....then you better put a ring on it.

Sorry ladies, Zach is officially off the market. Just shy of our 5 year anniversary, we were engaged to be married after a middle-of-the-wilderness-hike proposal. He took me to the middle of the Malibu mountains to "ask some big questions", as he put it. After the big Q, we continued hiking for another six hours through beautiful waterfalls and cascading streams before reaching civilization again. He really made me work for that ring that day! We then had an amazing dinner at Pizzeria Mozza, a restaurant I have wanted to try for years. It was just the sweetest day, full of doing the extravagant version of the things we normally do every Saturday: hiking and eating out. I am very excited to share this news, and I will keep you posted on the details!

Red rock with gray stripe (how did this happen?):

My fiance with his machete:

A couple video representations of about the half-way point. Unfortunately we do not have pictures of the last quarter of the hike which is the absolute most beautiful part with tall trickling waterfalls and long flat cascading rocks. It was dark by the time we got there!:

As you can tell, Stanley was very happy to hear the news. He keeps sniffing my ring.


centerofgravity said...

Congrats Zach and Sammie. I'm just so excited and happy for you both. Almost as much as Z's family is. Best wishes to you both, Mrs. G.

Zack Christenson said...

Hey cuz!

Random rant, i just created a blog to show my art check it out!

P.S. I believe you should make that Key Lime pie when we see each other on the holidays.

love Zack

The Boston Lady said...

Oh how I love this post! Almost as much as I love you both! So excited here in O=town. And Stanley, please at least lift your head up! Ann

Mr. Tennis said...

Great pictures and great news! Can't wait to see you both this summer.

laura said...


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