Saturday, April 3, 2010

Moving Right Along

I moved apartments last weekend.

Let me run down the list of excuses for not posting in 2 weeks: the pots and pans were some of the first things packed, the kitchen is not all set up yet, there is too much mess to think about letting dishes pile up, we have not been grocery shopping yet, blah blah blah. Essentially, we have been “checking out” all the take out places around the new place which is always fun.

But I am ready to get back in the saddle, at least for a couple dishes. When I don’t cook, I miss it; even worse, I miss blogging about it. I get realllllllly disappointed when I make something that is not good enough to blog about, not because I it is not good to eat but because I don’t get to share it with you.

I fell back into scouring the internet for amazing recipes last week, and found something that seemed simple and delicious enough to ease me back into the kitchen: Steamburgers. It was a recipe on a food blog I have followed for a while now, Coconut & Lime, which features only original recipes (something that will still take me a looooong while to work up to). They are a sort of crumbly burger with onions and mustard which makes them almost juicier than a regular burger and way more fun to eat. We made some good ole' sweet potato fries to go with them and enjoyed a delicious meal in front of the television with an awesome documentary, Crazy Love.

For the recipe, please visit

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Rachel said...

Hi Sammy,
I am glad you enjoyed the recipe but as my blog policy states, I do not allow people to directly reproduce my original recipe on their blogs or websites. Instead, I ask for people to link directly to the recipe. I saw that you already linked to the recipe which is great but I'd appreciate if you'd remove the actual recipe text. Thanks so much!

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