Sunday, May 9, 2010

Big Hot Mamas

That is a big mama.

It is Mothers' Day, and I am in a position to celebrate this year. I am the proud mother of a big boy named Stanley Weissmilian. I know I have mentioned before...likely several times...that I was making plans to adopt a greyhound. Well, al I can say is that at least my follow-through on that is better than my follow-through on blogging at least once a week these days!

This is our beautiful baby boy. He weighs 90 lbs 2 oz and is as sweet as can be. I think I mentioned that were were originally looking for a female greyhound (mostly because I wanted to name her Stella). The adoption place matched us with a couple different dogs (based on what we were looking for), and we connected with Stanley (formerly named "Houdini" which was his racing name). In honor of mothers' day, I have decided to do what every mother is entitled to do: brag about my child.

We brought Stan home about a month ago, and he was very timid. He had never been inside a home before so he was not familiar with things like hardwood floors, people beds and the ever-challenging staircase. We bought a metal fence enclosure for him because we knew he was used to that. He would sit inside of it most of the day at first, even if we left the gate open because it was where he felt the most at home. From the start, Stanley did not go to the bathroom in the house which is a dream come true. We had to push him to even come out of his comfort zone behind the fence to come sit with us on the couch (which is now his ultimate comfort zone).

His "personality" is coming out more and more every day.

We returned the fence to the pet store along with some other things we bought before his arrival, thinking he would be more high maintenance then he actually was. He now has free range of the apartment (even though he mainly sticks to the couch. He is so big that Zach and I end up scrunched together on one cushion sometimes because he is sprawled out sleeping! He is such a good boy and knows his boundaries (such a people pleaser). We have taken him to restaurants, and even though his face is table height, he does not lunge at our food. He makes gentle attempts to sniff the food (there was even bacon!), but he knows it is not for him. We do not feed him from the table at all so he knows not to expect anything. Of course, I gave him leftover bacon on the way home as a special treat!

The first time we took him to the dog park, all he wanted to do is sniff other dogs' butts (not to gross you out, but he has a long thin nose so he can really get in there). However, we took him this weekend, and it was like we were seeing a new side of him. He played with the other dogs and ran around with them (probably about 1/2 speed...we still have not seen him go all out!). After the dog park, he slept all day until his evening walk and then slept all night until his morning walk. That was yesterday. He is now lounging on the couch yet again, resting his long chin on his paws looking at me as I type.

Stanley is the sweetest most cuddly big boy. His is so soft and loves hugs. See?

We are very proud of our boy, and I will annoyingly keep you updated on his progress at home!

I would also like to wish all the other mothers I know a very Happy Mothers' Day! You are all wonderful women for the sacrifices you have made for your children. I know my mom, specifically, has made so many sacrifices for me and my brother to ensure we grew up with every opportunity to succeed. I appreciate everything you have dome for me mom. Your have always been a great mommy, and you are now an incredible grandmother to two beautiful grandchildren, one on the way, and one big dog! I love you so much!

I am still on a super-duper-easy recipe kick so here is a weeknight recipe that will take you no time!

Big Hot Mama's Fork and Knife Quesadillas:

(makes 4 HUGE quesadillas)

4 8 inch flour tortillas
vegetable oil (for coating the pan when sauteing)
1 1/2 C shredded cheese (mexican blends work best, but whatever you prefer is fine)
1 lb boneless/skinless chicken breast (cooked and shredded)
1 medium yellow onion - chopped
1 medium green bell pepper - chopped
1 jalepeno pepper - diced (seeds removed completely if you don't like it spicy...if you like it spicy, leave some seeds in there)
1 can black beans (drained)
2 tsp hot sauce
salt and pepper

Coat a large skillet with some oil, and saute the onion, bell pepper and jalepeno over medium heat until just tender.
Add cooked/shredded chicken to the vegetables, and mix.
Add the black beans to the mixture.
Add hot sauce (more or less depending on taste...go ahead...taste it!)

Coat a separate pan with oil over med-high heat.
Lay out the tortilla, and spread 1/4 of the cheese (or just enough to sprinkle over the whole tortilla)
Allow cheese to start melting (ensuring the tortilla is not burning (you can adjust heat if necessary).
Add 1/4 of the chicken/veggie mixture to one side of the tortilla, and fold the other side over it; it should be HUGE at this point.
If you can flip it on the pan, do it. You might not be able to!
Allow to cool for at least 5 minutes before serving.


The Boston Lady said...

Yummy! Think I will try this one next week on Thelma and Mr. T.

STANLEY! I can't wait to meet you and I must say you look dashing in your duds.

nicky said...

lindsey, I enjoyed so much reading about Stanley and looking at that nice picture where you have him with clothes and shades on. I remember doing that to my pets, i mean , i used to dress them up in my PJ's including chickens and dogs.
Love You ,

Alan said...

I think the most impressive thing about Stanley is that he doesn't lunge at your food all though he could do so quite easily. I know if the Bostons had their heads at table height we'd be engaged in hand to hand combat to see who could get to the food first. I'm bigger so I think I could beat them out.

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