Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brunch Club July: Movie a Week

This summer has been one of the best for movie-going.

I have seen a really great movie just about every week this summer. I am on a roll, and I do not want it to end!

WEEK 1: Sex ad the City

WEEK 2: City Island

WEEK 3: Cyrus

WEEK 4: The Kids Are All Right

WEEK 5: Inception

Of course, I saw some mediocre documentaries like 8: The Mormon Proposition and Babies, but the overall movie experience has been fantastic this summer.

Sube's salty sweet banana tart with a buttery oatmeal crust.

Lindzachary's simple popovers...didn't know what a popover was until they came out of the oven.

On top of a great movie-a-week in the theater, I have been catching a great short movie-a-week this summer on youtube. Brian (of Sube) has been making one short movie every week and will continue for the rest of the summer. This week's movie was based on brunch club July which was hosted by me and Zach.

So there you have it folks, a sneak peak into the goings on of our monthly gatherings. It is also worth noting that we have officially made it a year! The first brunch was hosted by us August of last year. I feel good about the potential of this ritual to continue for years to come.

Brunch has bee a really great culinary experience for me because it keeps me sharp when it comes to breakfast foods and appetizers. I decided to make something a little different this month, drunken tomatoes.

Drunk Before Noon Tomatoes:

(recipe adapted from Woman's Health Magazine)

2 pints of tomatoes (you can use different varieties like yellow, orange, plum, cherry, grape or anything)
1/2 C vodka
1 tsp kosher salt
handful of finely chopped fresh basil (original recipe calls for fresh dill, but I couldn't find any)

Using a fork, poke plenty of holes into each individual tomato.
Place tomatoes into a large ziploc bag.
Pour the vodka over the tomatoes, and shake it around a bit.
Let tomatoes soak in the refrigerator overnight (flip at least once).
Right before serving, take out tomatoes and drain off extra vodka.
In a large bowl, add salt and basil (or dill) to tomatoes and mix just enough to coat evenly.
Serve can set them out in a bowl with some toothpicks nearby.

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I'm not sure what I like best - the idea of drunken tomatoes, or watching Brian's video!

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