Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Makeover and a Cakeover

I am going to be on the TV box.

Living in LA, the percentage chance you will find yourself on television at some point is very high. Now, your being on television might be something like you are walking in the background of paparazzi's video of the cast of Twilight high-fiving fans and darting mysteriously sexy looks in the direction of screaming fans....


Your television experience might come about in the form of getting your bedroom made over by a reality show called Character Fantasy.

Yes, bloganeers. My bedroom was made over for a reality show. It is one of those shows that comes on during commercial breaks of movies (a la "Dinner and a Movie" on TBS). The crew came o shoot at my apartment this week and completed the entire makeover in one day. There was an amazing designer, Ariel Fox, who pulled it all together. I know you are dying to see the transformation so here it is.

The pictures come to you via Ariel's facebook page (as I did not take a single before or after picture!)



Keep in mind that the picture was taken from the same angle in the room. The way the furniture was moved around really makes all the difference (along with the painted walls, curtains, bed spread, and lamps)! The room feels like a completely different space now, and I could not be happier with it. This was all don in just a matter of hours which is the most amazing part. When I go to work on a room it can take months to finish since I never have gone in with such a clear, specific vision. It sure helps to have someone who knows what she is doing. Ariel made the transformation seem easy (even though all the people working on the room itself were working really hard all day). It is this seemingly effortless makeover that is the inspiration for this post.

It seems like I have no time to cook anymore. I think ever since the move to the new place back in March, it has been rough for me to get into a groove with cooking and trying new recipes. I almost always take the easy route now a days by ordering food or buying premade things and then just cooking the sides or something small as to not deprive you readers of regular posts.

I cheat by making things that are unbelievably easy, but look pretty elaborate. There are just times when all I want for dessert on a hot and sunny summer day are some fresh juicy summer berries with some light whipped cream and a light-as-air kind of cake. Something so simple can be made to look fabulous with a little cake makeover....a cakeover, if you will.



Bring this cake to a summer picnic for a great lighter option.

Do not skimp on the berries and cream. I like to think of this as berries and cream with a little bit of cake instead of the other way around. The berries should be the starts of the dish so they MUST be ripened to perfection. I used strawberries and blackberries since those looked like the best fruits in the store on the day I bought them, but you can use whatever fruit is in season: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, mango or even banana.

Verry Berry Cakeover

1 pre-made angel food cake (can be found in the bakery section of any grocery store – mine was sour cream angel food cake)
1 pints fresh, ripened sweet strawberries
1 small container of blackberries
1 16 oz container of cool whip (I would stay away from the lighter versions since they will be too thin to hold the cake together)

Slice up one pint of the strawberries (leave the other pint whole)
Using a long bread knife, cut across the cake to make three equal layers (set the top 2 layers aside)
Spread a generous amount of whipped topping onto the surface of the bottom layer
Place the strawberries into the whipped topping, as many as you can fit
Cover the strawberries with a little more whipped topping.
Place the middle later on top of the bottom layer, and repeat te same process on to of that.
Place the top layer on top of the middle layer.
Spread out a generous amount of whipped topping on the top of the cake, and decorate with the sliced strawberries and blackberries.
Decorate the rest of the plate with whole strawberries and black berries; fill the hole in the middle of the cake with whole strawberries and black berries as well. This will also help to stabilize the layers.
Cover the cake, and place in the refrigerator or even the freezer for an hour or so.
Serve cold.

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