Thursday, July 8, 2010

Corn Happy

I don't mean to be corny, but I cannot resist.

Corn is one of those things I forget about for stretched of time. I eventually remember it in all its glory around the time I find myself shopping for a cookout. Just before any summer holiday, the grocery stores out it out on display (husks on) with a huge bin next to it (for removing the husks). There must be something scientific about this, but I cannot walk by the corn display without being drawn in. I am compelled to step up, rip off some husks, toss those plump yellow babies into my basket and haul them off to be buttered, salted and grilled to sweet perfection.

Corn has such naturally delicious flavors that pair well with so many things. It is a great summery addition to any BBQ and takes very little time to prepare. Basically it follows the simple equation:

Very Little Work = Hugely Satisfying and Undeserving Payoffs

It is the vegetable version of a ponzi scheme, only you are always cashing out before the Feds catch up to your guy. I almost feel guilty about how good this corn will taste if you just give it a shot. But, don't take my word for it! Here are some quotes from some fellow BBQers:

"Don't put words in my mouth....but please put more of this corn in my mouth!"

"It's cobtastic!"

" a giant celebration in my mouth. Each kernel is like a firework exploding with such spectacular colors."

"This is A-MAIZE-ING" -Brian of Sube (or at least this is what I am sure he would have said if he could have made it to the BBQ)

We enjoyed this recipe under the shade of the ripening peach tree in the back yard. I look for ward to sharing some amazing peach recipes in the next month or so. We may have to designate the month of August, "The Month of Millions of Peaches":

Grilled Corn for a Summer Cookout:

Whole ears of corn (however many you need to make) - husks removed
1 stick salted butter
Kosher alt
Black pepper
Aluminum foil

Raw Corn:

Start up your grill (med-high for a gas grill) so it heats up as you prep the corn.

Tear out squares of aluminum foil, one for each ear of corn. (just big enough to wrap around the corn wit the ends sealed)

Tear off the wrapper on one side of the butter stick, and rub the butter generously onto one side of the aluminum foil. The butter should cover an area on the foil that will ensure the whole ear of corn will be touching butter when wrapped.
*I like to rub a little extra butter on the corn itself :]

Sprinkle the buttered foil with a pinch of Kosher salt and a little black pepper to taste (for an extra kick, you can also add a pinch of chili powder here).

Wrap the corn in the foil, and seal off the ends by twisting them gently.

Using long grill tongs, place the wrapped corn on the grill, and cook for about 10-15 minutes (turning once in the middle).

Depending on the heat of the grill, the time may vary, but you will be able to tell the corn is done if you peek into one of the wrappers and it is plump, bright yellow and irresistibly delicious looking.

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